Junior Group Classes

Junior group Arakan Martial Art classes are conducted in small personal settings that help your child to develop interpersonal, team building and social skills. They allow your child to practice their skills with peers, and in a supportive and caring environment. Group classes are an excellent way of supplementing your child’s private lessons.

Small Class Setting

Our small and specialised classes ensure your child receives adequate attention from the instructor. They will not be lost among different levels and ages, as they might otherwise be in a larger class. The small group setting allows the classes to be structured in a playful and disciplined way, to ensure your child gets the most from their training.

We provide a safe, nurturing, friendly and fun environment where your child will learn effective self-protection techniques, empowerment, confidence, focus and discipline.

Improved Social Skills

Students do not compete against each other in the junior Arakan Martial Art classes, a practice which can often cause rifts amongst peers or segregation. Instead we focus on building respect between the children, as they focus on their own personal martial art journey. The social aspect of our group lessons also helps children develop interpersonal skills, support other students on their journey, develop their awareness and adapt their techniques in a group environment.

Practice With Peers

The supportive and intimate setting of the junior group martial art classes means your child not only learns practical techniques and skill sets with their peers, but gets to practice them together too.

This style of learning teaches your child the valuable skill of being able to adapt their techniques to a group environment, helping them develop greater focus, discipline and respect.

Real Life Situations

A big goal of ours is to use Arakan Martial Art classes to teach your child how to defend themselves and adapt to many real-life situations.

The best way we can achieve this is through a combination of private lessons that help to perfect your child’s technique, and group classes that allow their skills to be practiced in a more dynamic, yet supportive space.

Group classes will teach your child to adapt to many situations and environments, while becoming dynamic, adaptable and capable of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others. It is our goal to empower your child and ensure they are equipped with these skills, that will transition into greater areas of their life as they develop into adulthood.

Arakan Martial Art® self defence classes and private lessons for children are available in wide regions throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Perth.

"Blade has benefited a lot from Arakan. He has got a lot of self confidence and his fitness has increased, he now has the  ability to look after himself if confronted by bullies or if he is ever picked on."

Damon, Father of Blade

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