Private Lessons

Private lessons are without a shadow of a doubt the quickest way for your child to gain real results. We specialise in Private Training. Each lesson is customised to your child’s circumstances, skill and fitness level, as well as their confidence levels and desired goals. Their individual ability, experience, and energy levels at any given lesson, is taken into consideration to maximize the benefits for your child.


By taking private lessons, we can train your child intensely or as easy as needed to enable their development. . We understand that a child’s mind and body may be in peak condition one day and can be pushed hard, yet may be tired or not at their peak at the next lesson and need the pace to be easier.


Your Instructor can watch your child’s every move to ensure that they are always learning the correct techniques and not falling into any bad habits that will be difficult to correct at a later stage. We will work with your child individually to make their weaknesses stronger and strengths stronger still. The Instructor will coach, mentor, guide and teach your child awareness, skills sets and techniques to help them deal with many life situations.


As a parent we understand that time is your greatest asset and you do not want to waste it by having your child learn off another beginner in class, simply because your Instructor is too busy teaching twenty other students in the same beginner’ class.


We also understand that you want a challenging, yet nurturing and safe environment for your child to train in. You do not want a fellow student trying to bully or hurt your child. By training one on one with our fully qualified Instructor, the chances of sustaining an injury is diminished greatly.

By training private lessons consistently and frequently, your child will receive the greatest benefits from their training


Arakan Martial Art® self defence classes and private lessons are available in a large number of areas around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Perth.


I have been training with Corey now for over 4 years and initially i started training with him to get some basic fitness. I had my first complimentary lesson with Corey and was show the backfist and how to generate more power to that blow with some "technique". It was amazing to realise the difference in the power of the blow. Corey has since trained me every week since that time and (has patiently) explained everything concisely (many times) to assist my growth with Arakan Martial Art. It was apparent from the outset that Corey was passionate and considerate but his understanding of Arakan enabled him to teach the art at a very understandable level right through to being enabled to grade my first belt.
I now train with Corey to gain greater understanding of the next belt requirements but due to the exposure to Coreys passion and understanding of Arakan, is now not just about grading but more about a journey of learning that is continuous. The health benefits have been great for me personally and I cannot thank Corey enough for what he has helped me to achieve. I highly recommend him as an Arakan Instructor and have entrusted him to start training with my 14 year old son. Again, I see Corey gently working away with him and encouraging him. The benefits of having some knowledge, of what he is being Instructed, only brings us closer and gives us a better bond. Exponentially, my eldest son trains and my youngest daughter has trained for 4 years (this month, Jan 2020) as well, so it really has become a family affair.

Mark Barlow and family