Anti Abduction Training

In today's world, ensuring the safety of our children is more crucial than ever. At Arakan Martial Art, we are dedicated not just to teaching martial arts, but to empowering children with the skills and awareness they need to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations, including abductions. One remarkable instance of how effective this training can be is demonstrated through the brave actions of one of our students, Sapphire.

Sapphire's Story: A Testament to Training and Courage

This video introduces Sapphire, one of our students who used her training to quickly identify and get out of an attempted abduction while walking home from school on the Gold Coast. Watch the video and hear how her Arakan Martial Art training saved her from a potentially dangerous situation.

Sapphire's experience is a powerful reminder of the real-world benefits that martial arts training can provide. It's not just about self-defence; it's about developing the presence of mind to recognize and react to dangerous situations swiftly and effectively.

Building Awareness and Instincts

Arakan Martial Art goes beyond physical self-defence techniques; we teach children how to be aware of their surroundings at all times. This heightened sense of awareness is crucial in helping them notice anything out of the ordinary and act quickly. Our instructors focus on developing keen observation skills and instincts that can make all the difference in unsafe situations.

Teaching Practical Self-Defence Skills

Children learn practical self-defence skills that are effective against larger and stronger opponents, which is crucial in abduction scenarios. These skills are tailored to be intuitive and easy to execute under pressure, ensuring that even younger children can remember and apply them if necessary. The techniques include how to break free from an assailant’s grasp, how to create noise and attract attention, and how to disable an attacker long enough to escape.

Instilling Confidence to Act

Confidence is key in any self-defence situation. Arakan Martial Art instils confidence in children, teaching them to trust their abilities and judgment. This self-assurance empowers them to take decisive action when required. Children who believe in their capability to defend themselves are less likely to freeze in fear and more likely to act swiftly to ensure their safety.

Encouraging Safe Practices

Alongside physical training, we emphasize the importance of safe practices such as staying in groups, avoiding unfamiliar routes, and being cautious with strangers. Arakan Martial Art educates children about the importance of these practices in a way that is comprehensible and memorable, reinforcing safe behaviours that become second nature.

Conclusion: A Stronger, Safer Future

Arakan Martial Art is committed to the safety and well-being of our students. Our training program is designed to equip them with the skills, awareness, and confidence needed to protect themselves in dangerous situations, including abduction attempts. By fostering these capabilities, we not only prepare them for the challenges they may face but also contribute to their overall growth as confident and resilient individuals.

For parents looking to provide their children with skills that could one day save their lives, contact us to learn more about our programs and how they can help your child lead a safer and more empowered life.


If you want something that is real world, out of the 'community hall' classroom and relevant, Arakan is the best investment you can make for your teen! I have seen my son's confidence, self awareness and ability grown with every session. I now know he is safe on the train and any building site where he works.


Sarah Kaye

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