Every parent wants their child to feel empowered, confident and strong, which is exactly why this Arakan Martial Art Junior Program was created.

Master Robert Kyaw has applied over 40 years of martial arts training to create a program that equips your child with the emotional, mental and physical strength needed to live a happy and healthy life.

If you’d like your child to gain greater focus, discipline, coordination and fitness, not to mention real world techniques, situational awareness and an unwavering self-confidence, then please arrange a FREE first lesson with us today.


Protecting your kids with anti abduction training

Arakan is a highly effective martial art that is specifically adapted to suit today’s urban environment.

Arakan Martial Art incorporates specific anti abduction training to teach kids situational awareness and what to do to safely and effectively get out of potentially harmful situations

This video introduces Sapphire, one of our students who used her training to quickly identify and get out of an attempted abduction whilst walking home from school on the Gold Coast. Watch the video and hear how her Arakan Martial Art training saved her from a potentially dangerous situation.

Self defence for ASD

Our fully-qualified instructors have experience teaching people diagnosed with ADHD, Autism Spectrum/Aspergers Disorder, as well as commonly associated specific learning and/or neurological disorders

The versatility of Arakan Martial Art® makes it easily adaptable to people with various abilities and needs. In addition to the obvious benefits of increasing fitness and resilience, Arakan Martial Art® can assist with emotional regulation, anger management, stress relief and social skills development.



After an unfortunate turn of events earlier in the year, all 3 of my kids now have self defence lessons every week. 

Today their Instructor 'pushed a button' and one of my kids started to break down, emotionally.

Their Instructor immediately stopped, walked over and put his arm around them, told them to let it all out and stood with them with his arm around them as they cried. He then used a circuit breaker activity to move on from it and was beautifully gentle for the rest of the lesson. 

Afterward they *child* told me that they felt a bit embarrassed for crying but their Instructor had made them feel safe in doing so and that they believed they would be safe to continue to release the emotional pressure caused earlier this year, with their Instructor. 

What a genuine and strong second male role model for my kids, other than their father. Money can't even buy that kind of authenticity. 


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Knowing and recognising the signs that your child is being bullied is an important first step towards helping your child. The effects of bullying may be longstanding and may carry through from childhood to adulthood. These signs may be also point to other issues or problems, such as depression or substance abuse.


Neuroplasticity (also known as brain plasticity or brain malleability) is the brains ability to reorganise itself. New research shows this phenomenon continues throughout our adult life.