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Looking to take your event to the next level? Arakan Martial Art’s interactive workshops and demonstrations could provide the edge you’re looking for. 

Arakan Martial Art tailor their program to your event and your market, whether that’s teaching self-defence to youths, hosting a women’s only workshop, building confidence and emotional resilience in attendees, or anything in between. 

Our event workshops can cater to small or large groups, and promise to provide an inclusive space to learn effective and empowering self-defence techniques.

Did we mention we make it a lot of fun too?! 

At Arakan Martial Art® we understand the varying needs of different demographics, which is why we tailor our presence at your event to your target market.

Recently we attended a two day youth event to host a self-defence workshop with a strong focus on building confidence and self-awareness in participants.

There is no limit to the diversity of our event workshops and demonstrations. 

Whether we are teaching children, women, men or a mixed demographic, we are passionate about empowering all our students where they need it most. We concentrate on guiding them towards greater levels of self-awareness, self-confidence, empowerment, discipline and focus as well on practical self-defence skills and techniques. 

We can build comradeship between students, give techniques to deal with a range of real-world situations, develop a stronger body-mind connection between participants…the options are near endless.

If you are ready to give your event an individual and personalised edge, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss how we can make this a reality for you. 

Please contact us directly on 1300 132 311 or complete the form below.


Who is Arakan Martial Art® Suitable For?

Arakan Martial Art® is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with no previous martial art experience required. We provide a safe and friendly environment and will adapt lessons and workshops to ensure everyone can participate, regardless of fitness level, experience, perceived limitations, illness or injury. 
Arakan is for everyone, which is why it’s the perfect addition to your upcoming event.

Train With The Master 
All our Arakan Martial Art® event workshops bring with them the opportunity to train with the Master. Robert Kyaw holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, majoring in Human Resources Management and Economics. He is the Chief Instructor and boasts over 45 years of martial arts experience.

Of his 45 years practicing, Robert has spent 28 teaching. During this time he’s taught thousands of students and clocked up over 37,000 hours doing so. He currently leads over 50 instructors and employees.

When Robert teaches at events, the lessons go way beyond martial arts. You can expect to learn about movement, the mind, emotional wellbeing and spirituality, not to mention his focus on the warrior attitude and the cultivation of resilience and strength. Robert also brings the appropriate number of instructors to all events, so that each individual receives the guidance they require. 

You can read more about Robert’s story here.

Robert and his team welcome an opportunity to be part of your upcoming event. Please contact us directly on 07 5580 8235, via email [email protected] or complete the form below.


My son Deklan is a naturally kind and gentle boy, who as an only child has never had to endure the competition and ruff and tumble of other siblings. Reading how daunting and challenging schools can be these days I was very keen to get him involved in self defense but wasn’t sure what was going to be the best fit for him.

In a chance encounter at a community fate we saw the Arakan stand and after talking to the guys I was really impressed with how friendly the team was and how passionate they were to get Deklan into his first lesson. And here is the part that grabbed me the most, the training is done outdoors in parks and school grounds while wearing shirts and shorts and everyday shoes, now that’s real life training. We booked in straight away for our complimentary lesson and Deklan couldn’t wait to get started.

On the day of his first lesson Deklan was quite nervous but Ryan his instructor made him feel completely relaxed and the lesson was a great mix of training and learning through fun games. At the end of the lesson Deklan ran straight up to me and asked if he could do more training tomorrow and the next day, which was a sure sign he loved it. He has now been training for over 3 years and as much as Arakan is about learning self defense and getting fit I have seen Deklan grow in confidence, co-ordination, self respect and self belief. 

Deklan now jumps at every opportunity to do extra lessons and group training and he totally loves going to school holiday training days and he wears his Arakan uniform with absolute pride.

I can honestly say I have been totally impressed with how Arakan has taught him practical, useable skills in real life environments and we look forward to many more years involvement with the Arakan family.


Mark Sculley

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