Tom Wilson

2nd Degree Senior Instructor

Tom began training Arakan after witnessing someone being stabbed in front of him. This shocked him into action, wanting to learn an effective self defence style of martial art.

Tom is a big guy who moves like an athlete. He demonstrates that someones size does not have to comprise speed or agility. He feels that Arakan has enabled him to become more flexible, dynamic and adaptable then he could imagine possible and is now fitter, faster and stronger.

Arakan has helped transform Tom's life and he attributes his training to being a very rewarding and challenging journey. His biggest Arakan achievement is being awarded the Instructor of the Year in 2016 and grading his Orange Belt is 2017. Tom is grateful for how Arakan has changed his life and is passionate about helping his students grow in their own life journey.

Outside of training, Tom enjoys playing the drums, seeing live bands and catching up with friends.

Student Testimonials

I have been training with Tom Wilson since February 2017. I came across Arakan by chance and haven't looked back since. I train one on one with Tom on a weekly basis, I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism and knowledge. Tom is not only a great instructor, he has an undeniable passion for what he is teaching. I have learnt so much more than expected since starting Arakan, I have increased my functional fitness, gained the confidence to defend myself if required and an added confidence that has been most noticeable in my day to day life. I highly recommend Arakan to anyone, of any age and I am very proud to say that Tom Wilson is my instructor.

Tamara Brown


I started training Arakan with Tom nearly two years ago now. Thanks to his teaching and guidance my life has changed immensely. I have since lost over 30kg of weight and gained several life skills. His teaching has trained me more than just self defence which I will forever be grateful for. Being a student of Tom’s is something I couldn’t recommend enough. He has tailored my training to suit my size and any limitations my body was going through. Even on an off day he still brings out my best. He is a smart and very motivational teacher who is an asset to the art.

Jarryd Hutchinson 


My lessons with Tom have been a staple of my week for over 2 years now. It's hard to picture a week without my lessons with him. When I started training, I was out of breath halfway through my warm up run! After a lot of effort and practice, I'm now much fitter. It was Tom that pushed me further than I would have would have managed on my own, but I also trust him to look after me when I need it. Tom teaching is very responsive to my needs, and he often adapts his original plans when he sees me struggle with something, or I ask to work something further. I always leave our lessons with something to work on, and lots to think about. Not only has he been a valued teacher, but I also consider him a good friend.

Geoffrey Donaldson


I started Arakan 4 years ago. What a brilliant journey I have had. My primary instructor Tom Wilson continues to be a massive influence on my life and he has been absolutely pivotal in building my self confidence and preparing me for the unlimited possibilities in life around protecting myself. I feel much safer. Tom has been there the whole time for me.  He cares and he has a strong sense of duty to make my life safer, and as a result much, much improved.  Self sufficiency and mental happiness is key to my life and Arakan (through Tom) goes a long way in making this happen.  For me, joining Arakan and meeting Tom has not only resulted in huge mental and physical improvements for me, but it is also one of my greatest decisions.  I very strongly recommend others to give Tom and Arakan a go.  Thanks for helping me Tom and I very much look forward to this future.

Wayne Brummer


Tom has been a great Instructor and has been vital in my growth through training. He leads by example and has always been helpful in developing Arakan for me, specific to my needs and skill set.

Samantha Wilson


Over the past few years, Tom has not only helped me grow as a student and helped me prepare for my grading, no teaching me the next grade, he has helped me become a better person and live a better life. He leads by example and strives to be a better version of himself which in turn makes me strive to be a better version of myself as well. Tom isn't just an amazing Instructor but an excellent life coach and has helped me in so many aspects of my life. He is an asset to the Arakan family and I always look forward to training with him every week. 

Luke Wilson


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"I have been training with Corey now for over 4 years and initially i started training with him to get some basic fitness. I had my first complimentary lesson with Corey and was show the backfist and how to generate more power to that blow with some "technique". It was amazing to realise the difference in the power of the blow. Corey has since trained me every week since that time and (has patiently) explained everything concisely (many times) to assist my growth with Arakan Martial Art. It was apparent from the outset that Corey was passionate and considerate but his understanding of Arakan enabled him to teach the art at a very understandable level right through to being enabled to grade my first belt.
I now train with Corey to gain greater understanding of the next belt requirements but due to the exposure to Coreys passion and understanding of Arakan, is now not just about grading but more about a journey of learning that is continuous. The health benefits have been great for me personally and I cannot thank Corey enough for what he has helped me to achieve. I highly recommend him as an Arakan Instructor and have entrusted him to start training with my 14 year old son. Again, I see Corey gently working away with him and encouraging him. The benefits of having some knowledge, of what he is being Instructed, only brings us closer and gives us a better bond. Exponentially, my eldest son trains and my youngest daughter has trained for 4 years (this month, Jan 2020) as well, so it really has become a family affair."

Mark Barlow and family

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