Riley Delanoue

2nd Degree Senior Instructor

Riley was introduced to Arakan by a friend and has been a student since 2010. He loved that he was learning self defence techniques and quickly realised that he wanted to share this knowledge with others.

Riley’s warm nature makes him loved by all his students and colleagues alike. He is open and approachable and can teach anyone, regardless of their age, perceived physical limitations, health and fitness levels. Riley is very adaptable and able to help his students get the most from their training and become the very best version of themselves.

Riley trains hard, has a great training ethic and enjoys his training. Riley’s students love training with him, he loves a laugh whilst he is training and teaching and also has a lot of depth. He is an understanding Instructor and encourages his students to push themselves to train hard, achieve their goals, have fun, all whilst training hard and learning effective self defence techniques.

When Riley isn’t training or teaching, he enjoys mountain bike riding and snowboarding. His greatest Arakan achievement to date is being able to teach Arakan and grading his Orange Belt.

Student Testimonials

Riley is a good instructor and knows how to teach. 
J. McInerney

Riley is a good instructor and has helped me learn Arakan in a very professional manner. 
Rachel Thomson

Riley has been an excellent instructor, I have felt comfortable training with him throughout all my lessons. Riley is very experienced and has made it easy to learn due to his vast knowledge and skills. I have no areas that I feel need improvement. 
Kane Becker

Riley works with my boys to keep them on task and enthusiastic. Riley moves incredibility well with Lyndon who has ASD (Autism). Well done Riley, the boys are always happy to attend training. 
Jordy & Lyndon Braithwaite

A great instructor who always listens and try’s to help with any suggestions regarding Arakan or life. 
Michael Nelson

Riley is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, helpful and and awesome teacher and Instructor!

Hugh Simson

I am very appreciative of the patience that Riley displays during our lessons. Regardless of what may arise, he is always positive and enthusiastic, which in today's climate is a very refreshing attribute.

Gary Spry

Riley shows an amazing degree of patience when working as my Instructor. He is able to quickly re-frame presentation of new skills and drills for easier comprehension. He is quietly enthusiastic. and encouraging at all times and it is my continued privilege to train with him as my Instructor. 

Sue Raison

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After an unfortunate turn of events earlier in the year, all 3 of my kids now have self defence lessons every week. 

Today their Instructor 'pushed a button' and one of my kids started to break down, emotionally.

Their Instructor immediately stopped, walked over and put his arm around them, told them to let it all out and stood with them with his arm around them as they cried. He then used a circuit breaker activity to move on from it and was beautifully gentle for the rest of the lesson. 

Afterward they *child* told me that they felt a bit embarrassed for crying but their Instructor had made them feel safe in doing so and that they believed they would be safe to continue to release the emotional pressure caused earlier this year, with their Instructor. 

What a genuine and strong second male role model for my kids, other than their father. Money can't even buy that kind of authenticity. 


Perth Family

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