Phil Morley


Phil began training in 2007 when he woke up one morning to an intruder standing over him after falling asleep on the lounge at home. He chased the intruder away however quickly realised that he was very lucky that the intruder decided run and not put up a fight. This incident motivated Phil to search for a street effective self defence so that he no longer feel vulnerable in a situation.

Phil extensively travelled the world and decided to move to Australia from Canada. He was previously working as a mechanical engineer, then transitioned to building furniture from wood when he first started training and enjoyed learning practical self protection skills.

With a military history, Phil is no stranger to working hard, physically and mentally. He enjoys the growth and personal development from training and has instilled greater discipline and focus in his life. He loves to learn and grow in deep ways and shares his knowledge with his students and everyone he meets.

After a decade of training, Phil was inspired to change careers to become an Arakan Instructor and pass on his knowledge of teaching others how to defend themselves effectively. His focus is on uplifting and inspiring his students and teach them fast and effective self defence techniques.

Phil is amongst a select few who get to train with the Chief Instructor directly and graded his Orange Belt in 2021.

When Phil is not training or teaching, he enjoys being active, spending outdoors and still revels in his hobby of building furniture with his hands.

Student Testimonials

Training with Phil was an incredible experience! His wealth of knowledge was apparent, as was his high level of experience. This martial art has been a huge part of his life for decades and he is eager to pass on the benefits he has gained from it. 
He helped me understand the importance of not only the physical movements, but also strength of mind and spirit. 
He is inspiring in so many ways and I would highly recommend spending your time learning from him!

Domonique Lloyd

I have been training with Phil for about 6 months as he built his hours to become a fully qualified & paid Arakan instructor & it gives me great pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse him as an instructor & knowledgeable Arakan practitioner. Phil's attention to detail is outstanding. Throughout our time training together he's effectively managed to work around various injuries I've had from time to time & always provided a high quality lesson regardless of those conditions. He's extremely enthusiastic, & pleasant to work with, I've always looked forward to our training sessions & I feel privileged to have been taught by him as I think it's taken my skill level to greater heights. Phil's enthusiasm is contagious & I'd encourage anyone to train with him.

Ben Cook

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"Thank you so much for the wonderful Arakan activity on Asia Day. Your boys/young men are so wonderful with the kids. 

It is amazing how many of the girls love the activity! Nearly all of them said that it was not long enough!

Thank you again. We really appreciate it!"

Jennifer George - Year 6 Leader - Somerset College

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