Pene Phillips


Born: 1983

Student Since: 2016

Instructor Since: May 2019

Biggest Arakan Achievement: Being awarded Student of the Year 2018 and becoming and Arakan Instructor

Interests outside of Arakan: Reading, learning, rugby, fishing and camping. Spending time with my partner and children.

Comments from Instructor: Arakan is the most challenging thing I have ever done. The amount you learn and grow when challenging yourself on a daily basis is amazing.

Student Testimonials

The confidence Arakan has given my 10 yr old boy has blown my mind. His mentor, Pene, is patient, has built a great rapport in a short amount of time, is understanding, caring and it’s a pleasure to watch my sons self confidence grow each week. My son also has Aspergers, ADHD and extreme anxiety, so Pene, in my opinion is also learning and I watch as he implements strategies specific for my son. Finding Arakan and Pene has been a blessing to us, thank you Arakan and thank you Pene

Christine Hayward


Pene is an awesome instructor if you are looking for a martial art/self defence for your kids...!
I introduced my nephews, who can be a Arakan with Pene as their instructor.
He's also a Dad...he is patient, engaging, and an awesome instructor for young people looking to build their confidence and focus.

Patrick McCluskey


My journey with Arakan started with a midday jog through a local park where I happened upon a private lesson being delivered. I approached to inquire and before long I had started on a new quest.
Deciding to go for that jog turned out to be one of those “sliding doors” moments. Without it, I wouldn’t have embarked on one of the most enjoyable and rewarding undertakings I’ve ever committed to.
Arakan has captivated me in a way I’ve been searching for since my long hiatus from weight training. The realistic drills have conditioned my mind and body in ways that I’ve found other martial art disciplines haven’t. I feel like a blade that’s getting sharper every week.
In a time when anyone can throw on a “trainer” t-shirt and claim to be competent, it’s refreshing to be reminded of what devoted instructors are capable of. The forethought that Pene brings to my private lessons is clear. Each session has a purpose and fits into a bigger plan. He’s always positive and coaches where there are physical and mental shortfalls alike. I finish each session feeling invested in which is a rare experience.
Arakan instructors are incredibly skilled and, importantly, a blast to be around. I haven’t been to a session where I haven’t both laughed and been in awe of the skills being taught. Two minutes talking with Master Rob will leave you feeling like you’ve been mates for years.
Arakan is more than a martial art, it’s an invitation to become a better you in the presence of humble achievers who pay what they receive forward.
Will you feel welcome? Yes.
Will you get bruised? Probably.
Will you love it? Absolutely!

Paul Conlan


I started training Arakan with Pene 2 years ago and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. 
Pene is a professional at his craft and training with him, immediately got me passionate about Arakan. 
He knows how to make everyone feel comfortable. 
I had the pleasure to train with some of his other students. And even if we all have different stories and backgrounds, Pene manages to adapt training based on your own situations and conditions.

Arakan is so much more than technique and learning how to fight. You discover yourself on a deeper level and it shapes you to become the person you want to be. 

Before Arakan, I had nearly no sports background. I would actually hate the idea of exercising. But with the guidance of Pene, now I am pushing my limits in every single lesson.
In less than one year, I went from not being able to do 5 push-ups to doing 30 every day. And it's not about how many push-ups you do, but about not giving up and being disciplined. This is the biggest takeaway from my training with Pene.

Training Arakan can only change your life positively. And starting to train with Pene is one of the best decisions I've made!

Stefano Cina


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"I just wanted to thank you for sending such a inspirational instructor to teach my son Andrew. 

Grant Cosgrove came a month ago to start to teach my son Andrew Arakan. 

 I have only praise for Grant, he is not only kind and patient but has great knowledge.

My son is enjoying his sessions immensely, I have noticed changes in him since starting with Grant.  He has grown in confidence in such a short time."

Jenni Kinson

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