Paul Hadland



If you want something that is real world, out of the 'community hall' classroom and relevant, Arakan is the best investment you can make for your teen! I have seen my son's confidence, self awareness and ability grown with every session. I now know he is safe on the train and any building site where he works. Professional, respectful of time, Paul's your man, the best Instructor! 

Sarah Kaye


I have done a couple lessons with Paul and have found it great! He is very professional and enthusastic about Arakan. I have enjoyed every lesson and am keen to continue learning more skills and growing confidence

Lewis Fitzpatrick


Arakan is a highly efficient self defence system. Very practical. Paul is awesome, he has a great teaching style. He is always upbeat, positive and inspirational. I highly recommend Arakan and Paul

Ken Street



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"Logan has been undertaking Arakan Martial Art training since early 2008. We began the training as a way of focussing his energy. He has loved every minute of it, and has gained in confidence, focus, self esteem, strength and general fitness. Logan has a private lesson and a group lesson every week. 

Kelly, Mother of Logan

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