Pat Melling

2nd Degree Senior Instructor

Pat began his Arakan journey in 2008,when he was just 17. He was looking to train a martial art and when he was introduced to Arakan, he loved the practical street self defence style that Arakan offered.

Being a young teenager when he started training, Arakan helped give Pat direction and purpose in his life. He attributes Arakan to being the vehicle towards helping him achieve his goals and dreams and he loves sharing Arakan to inspire his students to do the same.

Pat loves sharing Arakan with everyone he meets, enjoys training hard and is physically fit and strong. He is very a personable and enthusiastic Instructor, with a warm and light hearted energy that enables him to teach anyone. He loves encouraging and inspiring his students to achieve their goals through training.

Outside of Arakan, Pat enjoys spending time with his young family, cars, listening to music and being active, playing sports. His greatest Arakan achievement was having his first private lesson with Chief Instructor Robert Kyaw and becoming a Senior Instructor. Pat has graded his Orange Belt and attributes his success to his mentor, the Chief Instructor and his Instructor.

Student Testimonials


Pat has been an outstanding Instructor. His enthusiasm for Arakan and for life generally, is inspirational. He has made a big difference to the way my family and I approach life He is very considerate of his students and obviously places great importance on their growth and wellbeing. It is a privilege to be able to call Pat my teacher.
Nick McGowen

Pat has been training Tyson for about 6 years. In that time Pat has shown nothing but respect for Tyson and as Tyson has an intellectual disability on the Autism spectrum Pat has encouraged Tyson not only for Arakan but in helping Tyson with his life. Pat is a fantastic ambassador for Arakan. 
Sandy Dawson mother of Tyson Dawson

Pat has helped me so much, inside and outside of Arakan. Such a legend.
Jack Lace

Pat is awesome! A great Instructor and a great person which inspires me to be a student and a better person. 
Ryan Musgrave

Pat is an exceptional Instructor he is an amazing person. The way he can explain the principles of Arakan and how it relates to the drill at training is brilliant. I feel I owe a lot to Pat for not only my growth as an Arakan student but also as a person. 
Ben Galbraith

I have been doing Arakan for 4½ years and Pat Melling has been a private instructor of mine during that period. I have found Pat to be a personable, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable instructor and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Pat. I would highly recommend him to anybody thinking of taking up Arakan.
John Lemon

Pat has been an incredible instructor. His passion and knowledge of Arakan has brought a unique and exciting experience to training. Pat definitely deserves to achieve all the goals he works so hard towards. 
Ben Abrahams

I have trained with Pat almost 6 years. In that time I have watched Pat grow not only as a man but an incredible instructor. It has been an absolute privilege to be trained by Pat. Pat helped me on my Arakan journey in ways I could never repay and has put up with a lot of my crap along the way. Personally, Arakan and Pat have helped me become the woman I am now, which I am forever grateful and blessed. Who knows what the next part of the journey holds, but I am super excited to see and share it with Pat and watch us all grow even more. 
Alison Jones

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"Logan has been undertaking Arakan Martial Art training since early 2008. We began the training as a way of focussing his energy. He has loved every minute of it, and has gained in confidence, focus, self esteem, strength and general fitness. Logan has a private lesson and a group lesson every week. 

Kelly, Mother of Logan

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