Kyla Salter


Kyla began training Arakan in 2014 after moving to the Gold Coast from Sydney. She wanted to move to be closer to her family and spend more quality time with them.

Kyla is a warm and fun loving person who loves sharing her passion for Arakan with others. Arakan has helped Kyla transition her life and she now shares Arakan with other to help them through their life challenges.

Kyla is not afraid of hard work and loves getting stuck into her training. She trains hard and doesn’t back down. Kyla is 1 of 5 female Instructors in the club and is very inspiring and open to sharing Arakan with others. She feels grateful to Arakan for changing her values and view on life and inspires her students with her resilience and strength and loves seeing her students achieve their goals through training.

One of her greatest achievements in Arakan is achieving her Yellow Belt and now has the privilege of teaching others. When spending time with Kyla, you will quickly feel her enthusiasm for Arakan and how it can help you. When Kyla is not training, she enjoys going on hikes, spending time with her family, going to the beach and listening to music.


Kyla has been an amazing instructor.

She has demonstrated all her knowledge in teaching by giving thorough explanations in everything she shows me. If I’m having a difficult time learning something new, she always takes the time to figure out a way for me to learn in a way I truly understand. She is extremely easy to talk to and always makes me feel comfortable training with her. She is incredibly inspiring with how far she has come. I would recommend Kyla as an instructor to anyone.



In the short time I have had Kyla as my instructor, I have been able to further develop my technique, especially with my footwork. It was awesome to have an enthusiastic and encouraging female figure to train with and learn from. Every training session was empowering and enjoyable, with great reflection on the art of Arakan and the journey we both have taken to get to where we are today. Arakan instructors are more than “instructors”, they are teachers, friends, life coaches, and they push you to achieve your best physically, mentally, and in the art of Arakan. Kyla is one of the friendliest and approachable instructors I’ve had and I thank her for the time she has spent alongside me on my journey.

Hope Foster


Arakan has genuinely changed my life; everything from my fitness to my confidence has improved so much since I started just a few short months ago. I have Kyla to thank for this, her teaching style is brilliant! Her upbeat energy keeps me pumped throughout every lesson, and I'd recommend her training to literally anyone.



I have long desired martial arts training, however as a 42-year-old female with multiple chronic health conditions, I am unfit for competition style arts and cannot sustain a direct blow to the head without the risk of serious complications.

I have been training weekly, one-on-one with Kyla for 10 weeks now and already I have noticed a massive change in my life. The first thing Kyla taught me was how to protect my head – which in my case is literally life changing. Kyla’s enthusiastic nature and supportive personality instantly relaxed me, while her encouragement and, when needed, firm hand has inspired me for the first time in many years, to feel motivated. I look forward to seeing Kyla’s smiling face every week and find myself excited to move again. My coordination and left-right responses are improving already, and I am finding my pain levels are decreasing week by week.

In just 10 weeks, the training Kyla has provided to suit my specific physical limitations and health difficulties, has helped my go from not being able to move for more than 20 minutes without extreme pain and exhaustion, to completing the hour training and still feeling motivated to participate in physical and even social activities. There are still days when I struggle to follow even simple instructions or have limited control over one side of my body, but Kyla somehow manages to adapt the training so I can still learn and enjoy our practice.

My goal has moved from simply seeking movement each week, to a deep desire to explore every opportunity this exciting art has to offer.

Arakan Martial Art suits me perfectly. If I can learn and grown within this art, everyone can.

Thank you, Kyla, you are inspirational. I look forward to continuing this journey with you and growing and learning with you. Thank you for honouring me with your time, patience, focus and skilled teachings. You are a genuine credit to yourself, Arakan and women.

Kristen Morrison


I have been working with Kyla since September 2021.  Having permanent and physically restrictive medical conditions I was very hesitant to try, yet again, another trainer and another activity.  I’d tried so many things in the past and it was as though nobody understood that my body needed a different approach.  Kyla and Benett were different right from the start.  They listened to me and were keen to work with me to find an approach that would be challenging, while still taking into account my physical impairments. 
Kyla’s enthusiasm and compassion stood out and I knew she would be a good fit for me.   She is, without a doubt, one of the most passionate, energetic and kind professionals I have ever worked with.  
She has a generosity of spirit and genuine warmth that comes through in her training, creating a feeling of a safe, fun but very challenging session every time.   She makes me work hard and push myself every moment of our sessions but in a way that has never had me thinking I wanted to give up.   I enjoy every minute of our training.
Arakan is amazing as it works with your mind as much as your body and can be tailored to suit peoples individual needs.  But for me at least, Kyla is the main reason Arakan has worked so well.  She has truly changed my life and given me back so much of what was lost from before I became unwell.
Arakan is great and if you want to use it to change your life, Kyla is the one to get you there.  She will be invested in your journey like it’s her own, no bullshit, she actually cares.   

Abbey Elgar



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Arakan has helped Talia immensely.

It has given her discipline, greater confidence, focus and self-esteem. She now has greater awareness of bullies at her school and is assertive when required.

It has been the best activity that I have invested in for my child.


Amy, Mother of Talia

Knowing and recognising the signs that your child is being bullied is an important first step towards helping your child. The effects of bullying may be longstanding and may carry through from childhood to adulthood. These signs may be also point to other issues or problems, such as depression or substance abuse.


Neuroplasticity (also known as brain plasticity or brain malleability) is the brains ability to reorganise itself. New research shows this phenomenon continues throughout our adult life.