Brandon Boske

Senior Instructor

 Brandon began training Arakan in 2012 when he was getting bored of the gym. He was looking for something different that would incorporate fitness and conditioning and loved that Arakan not only made him fitter, faster and stronger, however he also learnt fast and effective self defence techniques too. 

Brandon is always positive, upbeat, motivated and inspirational and loves being outdoors and active, a far cry from his previous career as an Accountant. This background has enabled Brandon to be an adaptable Instructor, articulate and creative, and open to teaching anyone. 

Arakan has given Brandon a sense of purpose and is passionate about teaching others to defend themselves and their loved ones. He always trains hard and inspires his students to do the same. Brandon loves encouraging his students to push past what they believe they are capable of, building their persistence and resilience, which then enables them to transform their lives in the process.

Outside of Arakan when he is not training or teaching, Brandon enjoys being outdoors and active. His greatest Arakan achievement is being able to share his passion of Arakan with others and grading his Orange Belt. 


Student Testimonials

I have been training in the art for just over four years now. I am so passionate about the art, it gives you practical skills based on real life situations. It is challenging, some times confronting but it enhances your awareness, coordination and it increases your confidence. If anyone was looking to try a Martial Arts, this would be the go-to, its unlike anything else.

 Estelle Gourlay.

It's fair to say that Arakan found me... A sliding doors moment.
I've been training with Brandon for three years and during this time he has guided me along my own personal journey. I've become a better version of myself and a welcome member of the Arakan family. As an Instructor Brandon is  professional, focused and 100 percent committed to helping his students achieve and succeed. My work takes me overseas often. I've learnt and continue to learn practical, real life self defence and situational awareness. Brandon has also taught me how to diffuse the potentially life threatening situations I've found myself in while travelling before they got out of hand. 


I have been training for 3 years now, and recently commenced training with Branden and feel he has already added significantly to my Arakan journey. His highly technical, real world learning approach combined with his ability to communicate concepts and ideas that he brings to our lessons have made each lesson enjoyable, practical and wanting more. I highly recommend Branden as an instructor.

 Jack Walmsley

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"Arakan has helped develop Zak into the child that he is today both physically and mentally.  

Anya, Mother of Zak

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