Aida Jasmine

Senior Instructor

Aida stumbled across Arakan late 2010 and immediately feel in love and knew from her very first private lesson that she wanted to teach this amazing art to other women, so that they too could feel their own sense of power.

Aida is the epitome of a Spiritual Warrior. She is here for the spiritual journey that training martial arts has to offer, the deep self reflection, empowerment and inner strength that comes from training and also loves that women can learn practical and effective self defence too!

Arakan is more than just kicking and striking for Aida, she is here for the deep transformational journey. As an Instructor, Aida is very caring and compassionate, with technical prowess and loves teaching other woman that size doesn't matter, by utilising body weight and momentum, correct technique and skills sets, along with strength and conditioning, how you can gain power to safely and effectively protect yourself against a bigger and stronger opponent. She also brings a lot of love and light into her lessons and enjoys a laugh, whilst teaching fast and effective self protection techniques.

Aida thrives on empowering her students to feel more confident in themselves and loves witnessing them break through perceived limitations and push beyond blocks, challenges and limiting beliefs. She loves sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to become the greatest version of themselves, that the lessons gained through training, and being more confident and empowered is part of that growth and development and correlate to life.

Aida's greatest Arakan achievements to date is being the first female to grade her Orange Belt and sharing this amazing art with other women. Her other passions include personal and spiritual development and empowering women on all levels.

Student Testimonials

When I started Arakan it was because of martial arts and exercise. What I didn’t expect was somebody completely dedicated to my success. Aida has pushed me when needed, she has encouraged and is there supporting both myself and her other female students every Saturday at ladies group. A fierce warrior herself she is an inspiration and someone that any woman, young or old, can use as a role model. No matter your age or health Aida wants you to, and inspires you to live your life in power.
As I have said to many of my friends, being an Arakan student is about the sport and so much more. Community, love, empowerment.

Shelly Holmes


The kids were chatting in the car ride home this arvo discussing their favourite teacher when Maleia says ‘ Adie (Aida) is my favourite teacher’
‘Yeah’ says Will ‘she is the best’
Thank you for being such a positive influence & role model in our lives
Gidget, Maleia & Will


3year since the first time I was blessed enough to witness the Fierce/Caring Female Warrior. Thanks Aida Arakan for being a ray of light in my life journey and for all that you do. And every day you give so much more to be. ??

Gulsen Mehmet


Arakan Martial Art was my first step to getting healthier. It has helped me to look after my health and wellbeing more and also to be more calm.
It has given me more self confidence along with the ability to protect myself. 
Aida is an amazing Instructor. She is very patient with me, kind and compassionate and still pushes me to be the very best I can be. She is very supportive and makes me believe in myself and what I can do. I’ve very grateful to have Aida as my Instructor.


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"I just wanted to thank you for sending such a inspirational instructor to teach my son Andrew. 

Grant Cosgrove came a month ago to start to teach my son Andrew Arakan. 

 I have only praise for Grant, he is not only kind and patient but has great knowledge.

My son is enjoying his sessions immensely, I have noticed changes in him since starting with Grant.  He has grown in confidence in such a short time."

Jenni Kinson

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