Online Zoom Lessons

Online Interactive Self Defence Lessons

You now have the unique opportunity to train Arakan Martial Art® from anywhere in the world!

Nothing beats training one-on-one with an instructor and now thanks to technology, you can attend a private Arakan Martial Art® training lesson via Zoom or other video streaming platforms.

Skype/Zoom/Video lessons give you the opportunity to train directly with a qualified Arakan Martial Art® instructor from anywhere in the world!

You don’t need fancy equipment, special clothing or a gym to get started. All you need is an internet connection, access to a device to watch your lesson, and a quiet space to train. 

Participation in an online lesson and classes will allow you to develop an understanding of self-defence techniques, skill sets, and ways in which to apply Arakan in your everyday life. 

These lessons are REAL face to face lessons with highly experienced and qualified instructors. They are not pre-recorded lessons which means you will get one on one personal coaching and guidance through your lessons. Zoom lessons are available as private one on one lessons and also as group self defence classes where you can join other students on zoom regardless of their location, for group lessons.

During your online lessons you will learn practical, fast and effective self-defence skills and techniques, whilst gaining self-confidence, empowerment, awareness and better overall health and well-being.

We are grateful for the opportunity to reach so many wonderful people and share our unique martial art with the world.


It’s our pleasure and privilege to be given the opportunity to guide you on your Arakan Martial Art® journey, and start you on your journey towards greater empowerment, self-confidence, as well as emotional, mental and physical strength.  

Not only will you learn fast and effective self-defence skills, but be propelled on a journey of self-discovery. 

"Such an amazing group of people. Both myself, my husband and children train and we have all learnt so much. From fitness to self defence and so much more in between. I would highly recommend Arakan to anybody"

Claire Courts

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