Our Junior Program

Thank you for your time and interest in Arakan Martial Art®. As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be healthy, happy and successful young adults. It is the sum of all our experiences as children that shapes us into who we are as adults.

Arakan has been a trusted provider of self-defence training to a number of schools, service industries, hospitals, doctors, nurses, professionals and other organisations for over 25 years.

At Arakan Martial Art®, we consider it our pleasure and privilege to be given the opportunity to guide your children towards greater levels of empowerment, self confidence, emotional, mental and physical strength.

Along their journey, your children will gain the ability to look after themselves in practical situations, gain incredible amounts of focus, coordination and fitness.

At Arakan Martial Art, we are not about racing your children through belts (although we do have a belt system), nor is it about collecting medals in competitions. We are here with open hearts to help guide your children towards a very real, long term journey that will have a profound impact on their rest of their life.

We have many members who started their journey at the age of 3 and are still training well into their 20s.




I started the boys in 2005 to train Arakan to learn about self defence because no mother would like to see her sons bullied. 

Maddy, Mother of Diego and Thibault